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Database Schema Designer - Feature Overview


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Database Schema Designer
Database Schema Designer has several key features and tools built in to provide fast, accurate, and consistent Database Modeling.

Simple and Intuitive User Interface

Standard design practices have been utilized to make this application work like many other software packages.   You already know how to use this program because you have used other programs!

Supports the Most Frequently Used Database Objects

Check Constraints, Foreign Key Constraints, Functions, Indexes, Permissions, Primary Key Constraints, Rules, Stored Procedures, Tables, Triggers, Types, Unique Constraints, and Views.

Automatic Object Naming System

Guarantee consistent Object names through the built in Naming Convention System.   Most Schema Objects can derive their name automatically, making your Database Schema come together faster.   Any subsequent name changes can update the other related Objects in the Schema so you don't have to.

Portable Open Source Document Format

Database Schema Designer files are saved to disk as a standard XML document.   If you do not have access to an installed copy of DBSD, you can edit the file directly using your favorite text editor.

Reach Out and Touch Your Database

Your Schema Document's can easily be generated to SQL code in the text editor, to file or directly to the Database.   You can also Reverse Engineer an existing Database directly from the Server.

Schema Explorer

The Schema Explorer provides easily navigated centralized management of all your Schema Objects.

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