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Stucco Mail - Feature Overview


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Stucco Mail
Stucco Mail is a feature-rich and robust application designed to meet all of your email Signature needs. Here are some of its most significant features.

Dynamic Signature selection for email

Only need one Signature in an email? Need more than one? Stucco Mail lets you decide. With consistent and standardized email Signatures and your contact information dynamically imported from a database backend, the sky's the limit.

Robust Signature editor

The editor's power is in its simplicity. You can use freehand plain text for your Signature or paste in custom HTML. Then, preview it to ensure the result is to your liking.

Standard footer for legal, disclaimer, or confidentiality notice

No email these days would be complete without a confidentiality notice. If this is a requirement for you, Stucco Mail can deliver. If you would prefer to have a simple legal notice or copyright information as the footer for your emails, Stucco Mail can accommodate you.

Business rules that support the start/stop dates of the signature

Want to have a Signature sent out for only your Summer campaign? Stucco Mail can appropriately schedule Signatures to be sent out by dates that you specify.

Segment by region, office, department

With Stucco Mail, each department can have their own special set of Signatures. Marketing, Research, Accounts Billable, and even IT are capable of having seperate Groups for Signatures.

Create boiler-plate Signatures called Templates

Templates allow you to streamline the Signature authoring process by saving common Signature data in a "boiler plate" format. Once saved, these Templates can be used as a basis for creating future Signatures.

Global Default Signature

In addition to each department having their own Signatures, a custom Signature for every User is also possible.

What are you waiting for?

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