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  1. Why am I getting a "Page cannot be displayed" why trying to read the Stucco Mail help file?

    Reading a Compiled Help file (CHM) can be seriously complicated by Windows XP Service Pack 2. See here for a fix.
  2. Does Stucco Mail support Outlook Web Access (OWA)?

  3. Does Stucco Mail support Unicode?



  1. The Administrator's section doesn't appear to be working correctly. What's wrong?

    One thing to check is if a web proxy is currently being used. Web proxies like the Proxomitron can interfere with and unknowingly restrict the function of Stucco Mail. The solution in this instance would be to temporarily disable the web proxy or add the Stucco Mail Administrator's Menu URL to the web proxy's "exceptions" list.
  2. What version of SQL Server does Stucco Server work with?

    See the System Requirements page.
  3. Does Stucco Server work with MySQL

    No, not currently. A MySQL version could possibly be released in the future.
  4. Can Users access the Administrator's section?

    No, Users have no access whatsoever to the Administration section.
  5. Can Users make their own Signatures?

    No, Users have no capability of creating new Signatures. They can only select from a pre-defined list of Signatures.
  6. Does Stucco Server support RTF Signatures?

    No, not currently.
  7. Does Stucco Server support the Firefox web browser?

    No, not currently.


  1. Will the Stucco Mail client run on Windows Vista?

    Stucco Mail has not been tested with Windows Vista. Use Stucco Mail on Windows Vista at your own risk.
  2. Does the Stucco Mail client support Outlook 2007?

    Stucco Mail has not been tested with Outlook 2007. Use Stucco Mail with Outlook 2007 at your own risk.
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