Database Schema Designer Terms
Application Defaults
Database Schema Designer has default settings that apply to all new Schemas.   To edit these settings click 'Tools -> Application Settings' on the menu.

Application Permissions
Application Permissions are the Database Permissions that will be applied to all newly created Database Schemas.   These should be the default Permissions that you would normally apply to all of your Schemas.

From Object
In order to build a View you must "SELECT" Column(s) "FROM" Table(s) or View(s).   A From Object is the Table or View from which the Column is selected.

Foreign Key Follow
If a View uses a From Object that is a Table referenced by a Foreign Key Constraint, you can 'Follow' or Join the Foreign Key columns.

The Manage screens have been provided to give the user a simple and consistant way to Add, Edit or Delete an object.   In some cases the Manage screens also provide creation order control.   This lets the user change the order in which the SQL is executed.

Naming Convention
A Naming Convention is a XML document used by Database Schema Designer to specify how your Database Objects are named.   The Naming Convention also defines the Schema's Data Types and their default values.

Primary Key References
A Primary Key References Prefix is used to help automatically name a Table.   If this option is turned on for a Table, the Table's Root Name will be prefixed with the Root Name of any Foreign Key Parent Tables.   To qualify, the Child Table's Constrained Columns must be part of the Primary Key.

Root Name
A Root Name is the starting point of an object's name.   If the 'Use Custom Name' checkbox is unchecked then the Root Name is used in conjunction with the Naming Convention to create a Full Name.

ie. The Table Root Name 'Team' may become 'TTeams' if used with the Naming Convention.

Schema Permissions
Schema Permissions are Database Permissions that are used by the currently open Schema.   This is where you would make changes to the individual Schema's Permissions.

Use Custom Name
The 'Use Custom Name' checkbox is used to enable or disable the use of the Naming Convention in conjunction with the object's Root Name.