Add Table Tutorial

This tutorial is designed to show just how easy it is to create a new Table in Database Schema Designer.

  1. Create a new Table.
    There are a number of methods to add a new Table to the Schema.   Choose the one you are most comfortable with.
    • Open Manage Tables screen and click the "Add" button.   See Manage Schema Objects Tutorial.
    • Click the "+T" icon on the main screen's toolbar.
      Add Table
    • Click "Insert -> Table" from the main menu.
      Add Table
    • Use the keyboard command "Ctrl + T" from the main screen.
    • To create a new Table with Foreign Key constraints to other Tables:
      Select the Table(s) and use the keyboard command "Ctrl + Shift + T".   Doing so will automatically create Foreign Key Constraints to the Table(s) and add columns to the new Table.
      * The selected Table(s) must have Primary Key or Unique Constraints to create a Foreign Key constraint.
  2. Enter the Table Root Name.
    Table Name
  3. Press tab or click on the Columns list.
    If you have set your Schema to automatically add Primary Key and String columns they will be added when the Columns list recieves input focus for the first time.   See Edit Schema Properties Tutorial to learn how to toggle this functionality.
    Auto Columns
  4. Add Columns as needed.   See Table Column Tutorial to learn more on how to add Columns.
  5. Click the OK button to submit your settings and create a new Table.
    - Or -
    Click the Cancel button to discard your changes and stop the creation of a new Table.
* See Edit Table Tutorial for more detail about additional Table properties.